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Neonridex is an individual player who plays and try most games. He is the owner of Youtube Channel with more than 60 subscribers. Due to my curiosity, I tried to create and edit this website when I'm bored.

Neonridex Timeline

How it was made? (UNDER CONSCTRUCTION)

Username "Neonridex" Created

November 2011,

I asked my friend to create an account on Transformice. I gave him some details on what should the username contains.

Youtube Channel was born

June 2012, 

I decided to set-up a Youtube channel (NeonFunnyVideos) and uploaded videos regularly.  Most of my oldest videos on Youtube are Left 4 Dead gameplays. After a month, I decided to change the channel name to neonridexROBLOX.

Created Roblox account

July 13, 2012 

So this is where I enjoyed playing games and start socializing with other players around the world. I also publish my recorded gameplays on Youtube.

neonridexROBLOX to Neonridex

July 2014,

Oh, I named it neonridexROBLOX because of my addiction to Roblox. I decided to remove the ROBLOX because the name was too long. And also I want to promote my name in the internet.


Rules and Regulations in this website! Please follow it.
1. No cheating/Hacking of accounts
2. No online dating
3. No harsh language (even in other languages)
4. No Sexuality
5. No spamming
6. No Scamming
7. Don't act like Nooby (Rude)
8. Be good to others
That's it! Thanks for following! (This rules and regulation could be updated/change with or without prior notice.)

Last updated: December 23, 2013

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